Crosstalk From Low Earth Orbit Satellites in Rubin LSST Camera

Daniel Polin

A leading potential systematic in the Rubin Observatory LSST data is the effect of Low Earth Orbit satellites on the Rubin LSST Camera. The camera's segmented sixteen amplifier CCD detectors exhibit novel crosstalk that is non-linear in intensity that will present a challenge to data reduction for sufficiently bright satellites. At UC Davis we performed an in depth analysis of a simulated satellite streak using science grade CCDs and our LSST beam simulator that mimics the beam pattern of the telescope to produce realistic images. Our study probes detailed variation in crosstalk across the full range of intensity for the detector and electronics. This is especially useful for determining the level of calabratability of crosstalk response which is vital to its removal in the final data products.


This poster will be displayed on Wednesday and Thursday.


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Grad Student