Connecting Stellar Streams - a Precursor Study for LSST

Aiden Cloud

LSST should open up new views of the stellar halo of the Milky Way beyond 100 kpc. This gives the possibility of discovering many new stellar streams. One challenge in current data is understanding which streams already discovered may be connected. The poster explores just one example - Omega Centauri (ωCen) and Gunnthrá - in the inner Galaxy as a proof-of-concept study for future possibilities with LSST. ωCen, the Milky Way’s most massive globular cluster, is suspected to have been significantly tidally stripped by the Milky Way, which would leave remnant stellar streams along its orbit. The stream Fimbulthul has been identified as such a tidal tail of ωCen. A recently identified small stream with no known progenitor, Gunnthrá, has been suggested to potentially be part of the ωCen-Fimbulthul system. We compare simulations of ωCen’s disruption with Gunnthrá’s observed track in order to investigate whether it is plausible that Gunnthrá could be a remnant stream of ωCen. Informed by the simulations, we further investigate the possible association in position, motion, and chemistry using currently available data (Gaia and APOGEE).


This poster will be displayed on Monday and Tuesday.


Career Stage: 
Undergrad Student