Survey Strategy III: Domain-Specific Cadence Optimization Discussions

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All sessions are pitched for general (non-technical) community participants, everyone is welcome at all sessions.

In this session, we will focus on the work done by different Science Collaborations on the survey strategy topic. This overview will be followed by discussion of recent updates and future work (open issues and feedback to the Survey Cadence Optimization Committee, SCOC) regarding topics of mutual interest to multiple Science Collaborations (SCs). The goal of these sessions is to encourage information sharing and joint work between the Collaborations, including work done after the Cadence Note deadline, the results of the SCOC review, and the next steps needed. Please contact the session chair if you're interested in contributing content to this session and/or facilitating one of the topical breakout rooms (or reply to this post in the Community Forum: Multiple breakout rooms can also be organized by science topic to enable discussion of survey strategy work.  

Session Organizers: Sara (Rosaria) Bonito (Chair); Rachel Street, Will Clarkson, Federica Bianco, Andjelka Kovacevic, Dragana Ilic, Maribel Carnerero, and Ilaria Musella  

SCOC and OpSims experts: Peter Yoachim, Knut Olsen, Jay Strader

Session Agenda 

  • 5 min: introduction (Sara Bonito)
  • 10 min: SC submissions, an overview (Federica Bianco)
  • 20 min: Flash talks by PIs/co-Is of Cadence Notes, grouped by topics (2 minutes each: Rachel Street, Andjelka Kovacevic, Igor Andreoni, Jeff Carlin, Weixiang Yu, Xiaolong Li, Timo Anguita, Jon Carrick, Humna Awan, Laura Inno)
  • 20 min: discussion and questions
  • 5 min: wrap-up

Watch the Live Recording

S. Bonito
Thursday, Aug 12
07:30 HST - 10:30 PDT - 13:30 EDT - 17:30 UTC - 19:30 CEST - 03:30 AET +1