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Rubin Observatory will have two project-funded data access centers co-located with the base facility in Chile and with the archive center in the USA. In addition, a network of Independent Data Access Centers (IDACs) are envisioned, which will replicate and serve Rubin LSST data products and broaden access in the worldwide data rights community. The purpose of this session is to solicit input from current and future IDAC users about what they want and need from IDACs. In particular, this session will introduce community scientists to the opportunities to be provided by the IDACs, hear from IDAC providers on what they see as opportunities provided by them and challenges they face, and present and discuss options for connecting users to IDACs in the network. Please contact the session chair(s) if you are interested in contributing content to this session.

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K. Olsen, L. Da Costa
Thursday, Aug 12
10:15 HST - 13:15 PDT - 16:15 EDT - 20:15 UTC - 22:15 CEST - 06:15 AET +1