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@KBriamonte set the channel topic: Help Guide LSSTC's Fundraising Efforts
During this interactive session, we want to hear what you think we should be fundraising for. Members of all Science Collaborations are encouraged to attend.
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Link to the Session Webpage:
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Session:_Help guide LSSTC's fundraising efforts
Date/time: Thursday August 13, 2020 - 07:30 HST - 10:30 PT - 13:30 EDT - 19:30 CEST - 03:30 AET +1
Link to and
Passcode: 257500
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Chuck Claver Thu 2020-08-13 01:19PM
For item #2 on the agenda there is no way to get through this in 5 min.
Dan Petrocelli Thu 2020-08-13 01:23PM
Chuck, there will only be five persons per room, so one minute per person may work, perchance?
Chuck Claver Thu 2020-08-13 01:26PM
Where are the room connections listed - I don't see them on the PCW web page.
Pat Burchat Thu 2020-08-13 01:38PM
We are using Zoom "breakout rooms" within the main room, not separate Zoom rooms. So no Zoom connections are needed.
Dan Petrocelli Thu 2020-08-13 01:28PM
The host will automatically assign persons to rooms of five.
Chuck Claver Thu 2020-08-13 01:34PM
I hope this works...
Dan Petrocelli Thu 2020-08-13 01:35PM
Nino Cucchiara (he/him/his) Thu 2020-08-13 01:38PM
Any program specific to underserved groups, including people with disabilities?
Dan Petrocelli Thu 2020-08-13 01:39PM
Tomorrow's meeting on DEI will address that. Heising-Simons has funded $250K for a series of workshops to discuss those issues.
Nino Cucchiara (he/him/his) Thu 2020-08-13 01:40PM
@Dan Petrocelli I hope it is not just "discussion", I belive we all recognize it is the time for action and less discussions about diversity
Jeno Sokoloski Thu 2020-08-13 04:07PM
Hi Nino, and thanks for all your comments! Indeed, our Heising-Simons award is actually to help us set up new programs in a way that fosters DEI, not just discuss problems.
Nino Cucchiara (he/him/his) Thu 2020-08-13 01:41PM
I have the feeling this approach (as in many other places not just at Rubin) is failing to produce diversity and inclusion
Dan Petrocelli Thu 2020-08-13 01:41PM
My understanding is it will be an effort to include best practices throughout the LSST efforts, especially in the projects funded via the Corporation. Jeno is aware of the discussion v. action issue.
Nino Cucchiara (he/him/his) Thu 2020-08-13 01:42PM
thanks, @Jeno Sokoloski would be great to learn more about actions that have direct impact in increasing D&I
Nino Cucchiara (he/him/his) Thu 2020-08-13 01:44PM
Example: in this slide the point #2 (network of data center) is already biased excluding places like HBCUs and MSIs that do not have the capabilities to be part of it. This is not an equitable way to approach the problem
Jeno Sokoloski Thu 2020-08-13 04:22PM
Yes, we have struggled with this issue. Currently, we are seeking funding that would enable researchers from any institution to participate in incubators and visiting fellowship programs at the data-science centers (which are required to offer matching contributions to be selected as a center). Also, our vision for the data-science centers is that they would provide a service to the community by creating analysis tools that are publicly available. Finally, we are also discussing the possibility of having each data-science center partner with a local HBCU or MSI.
Nino Cucchiara (he/him/his) Thu 2020-08-13 04:25PM
What about a workshop to partner MSI/HBCUs faculty with LSST people through NSF-EiR research grants? HBCU-UP will LOVE that! But you need to reach out to those HBCUs and HSIs and tell them they can do science and how to do science. Creating free and great/amazing analysis tools to accomplish science will not solve the diversity problem if you do not think with equity in mind. Is like creating a handbike for people with disability but keeping in your shop or showcasing it only to a select group of people
Nino Cucchiara (he/him/his) Thu 2020-08-13 04:27PM
This sentence, "our vision for the data-science centers is that they would provide a service to the community by creating analysis tools that are publicly available" is problematic. You are not making diversity/equity at your core, so you are making your task harder to begin with.
Jeno Sokoloski Thu 2020-08-13 05:32PM
Good point. We are just starting the design process, and all input on how to create structures that are more diverse and equitable is welcome. One challenge that we will face is working within donor intent. But I think now is a good time to present donors with plans that foster DEI.
Nino Cucchiara (he/him/his) Thu 2020-08-13 05:34PM
Thanks Jeno, I believe it will be important to hook up with black donors, latinex donors and they will be more inclined to donate if we have a clear DEI plan in mind
Jeno Sokoloski Thu 2020-08-13 05:35PM
Also, thanks for the idea of a workshop to partner faculty from HBCUs with LSST researchers for the purpose of submitting NSF-EiR proposals.
Nino Cucchiara (he/him/his) Thu 2020-08-13 05:36PM
You are welcome, I will channel more idea through the TVSSC JEDI comittee
KBriamonte Thu 2020-08-13 01:49PM
The break out instructions are also pinned to this chat above.
Dan Petrocelli Thu 2020-08-13 01:49PM
Nino, I think this will be addressed tomorrow. I don't want to make a misstatement. Jeno has this in mind as part of the DEI effort. It's been discussed both internally and with the funding organization.
Nino Cucchiara (he/him/his) Thu 2020-08-13 01:50PM
Nino Cucchiara (he/him/his) Thu 2020-08-13 02:25PM
What is the current demographic of the philantorpists that help LSSTC?
Nino Cucchiara (he/him/his) Thu 2020-08-13 02:25PM
How many black philantropists or Latinex (self identified)?
Nino Cucchiara (he/him/his) Thu 2020-08-13 02:26PM
Any plan to work with NSF-HBCU and NSF-HSI?
Dan Petrocelli Thu 2020-08-13 02:27PM
Our individual fundraising is not robust. We have relatively few individual donors. We do not have that specific data, but I would say at this point few or none. We've been focused on Foundations and will focus on that or Corporations during the pandemic.
Preethi Nair Thu 2020-08-13 02:27PM
Topics that were discussed in the breakout session with @Jeno Sokoloski @brant @Glenaver @David MacFarlane , Carol Chirino and myself: (1) having translation services for talks from English to Spanish, (2) have interview videos where scientists talk about their failures and successes in their career track. (3) LSST bootcamp for undergrad research, (4) engaging students at high schools. Give talks etc.
Chuck Claver Thu 2020-08-13 02:27PM
The key points from our group was the need to support people, graduates and post-docs, but we recommend the LSSTC to try to go big and establish an endowment along with the support of targeted programs. A long range view with the target of establishing an endowment would be a significant asset to doing science with LSST.
Dan Petrocelli Thu 2020-08-13 02:30PM
@Chuck Claver We love the idea. There are some issues currently with raising endowment funds, accepting planned gifts, and even long-term bequests. Establishing an endowment would definitely be a future endeavor.
Dan Petrocelli Thu 2020-08-13 02:31PM
I will hanging about for a while answering questions on this channel.
Tim Holt (He/Him) Thu 2020-08-13 02:32PM
One key point from our group was sharing stories in small bites to engage everyone. This encourages diversity and for people to come with us on this journey.
Preethi Nair Thu 2020-08-13 02:33PM
Other points: (5) while DEI issues will vary by country, for the US it would be great if the LSST fundraised to implement the suggestions of the AIP team up taskforce report, especially setting up an endowment fund, (6) greater transparency and communication on activities the Vera Rubin observatory and LSST in particular is doing for fundraising, (7) having an LSST ombudsperson to whom people can bring up issues
Dan Petrocelli Thu 2020-08-13 02:34PM
@Tim Holt (He/Him) We're working on external communications.
Dan Petrocelli Thu 2020-08-13 02:35PM
@Preethi Nair - I think some of these issues are beyond the scope of the Corporation, particularly the ombudsman. Although we work closely with the project, we are not part of the project.
Dan Petrocelli Thu 2020-08-13 02:39PM
@Preethi Nair Also, where can I find a copy of the AIP team up taskforce report?
Preethi Nair Thu 2020-08-13 02:39PM
To clarify the fundraising issue discussed in my breakout session, there have calls for ideas previously but it was not clear what ideas were being implemented, whoch proposals were being submitted etc.
Preethi Nair Thu 2020-08-13 02:40PM
Dan Petrocelli Thu 2020-08-13 02:43PM
So - if we are talking about the recent calls for ideas, that process is still ongoing and notifications will be sent out when discussions with the Foundation advance. If you are speaking about the white papers from several years ago, those were reviewed again when Jeno came on board. Our LINCC concept is the outcome of those papers. Those papers were prior to Jeno and I being brought on for the more formal development effort, and the resources were not apparent to implement those immediately.
Preethi Nair Thu 2020-08-13 02:43PM
In addition to having a summer research bootcamp for undergrads (funded by individual PIs), would it be possible for LSST to have a funded summer research program.
Dan Petrocelli Thu 2020-08-13 02:43PM
Thanks for the link.
Preethi Nair Thu 2020-08-13 02:45PM
@Dan Petrocelli Thanks. Yes, @Jeno Sokoloski mentioned this. I am reporting the discussion here so everyone is aware of it and can comment.
Preethi Nair Thu 2020-08-13 02:46PM
@brant mentioned that stack club has created a number of online resources and a syllabus that can be considered a bootcamp of sorts. It will need to be developed further which may need additional resources.
Dan Petrocelli Thu 2020-08-13 02:47PM
Love the idea. If we can identify a funding source for that we will pursue it. The Data Science Fellowship Program is the closest we have to that, but that is graduate. Enabling science grants have helped fund those in the past, and will continue to do so if the resources are available. If you wish to email me directly with additional thoughts on this (structure, curriculum ideas, etc.) I can try to search for Foundations willing to fund this. .
Nino Cucchiara (he/him/his) Thu 2020-08-13 02:47PM
One thing that was mentioned in our group was to keep trying to do things "cheap", e.g. holding workshop locally if possible (so not airfares). This is especially true if you want to invovle HBcUs and HSIs. You can go a long way with just 50k/yr
Nino Cucchiara (he/him/his) Thu 2020-08-13 02:48PM
Do we have a "donor database" at LSSTC? I recnelty was made aware that these DB exists
Dan Petrocelli Thu 2020-08-13 02:50PM
Yes, we have a donor database. As mentioned above, we do not have an extensive roster of individual donors. We were beginning outreach efforts with small group 'salon' talks, but then Covid. Right now, we are focused primarily on Foundations (where we have been pretty successful), and are beginning an effort to engage corporate sponsorships. We are approaching this last part carefully, so we've not kicked off an official corporate campaign.
Chuck Claver Thu 2020-08-13 02:51PM
:clap: Good session all !
Dan Petrocelli Thu 2020-08-13 02:51PM
Thanks @Chuck Claver . Glad it worked out.
Preethi Nair Thu 2020-08-13 02:54PM
Is Rubin LSST involved in the google summer of code project which pairs students with mentors over the summer. Google funds this.
Dan Petrocelli Thu 2020-08-13 02:56PM
We are not. This would probably be best approached from the individual member institution, but we can discuss it internally.
Dan Petrocelli Thu 2020-08-13 02:57PM
Oh wait. The CORPORATION is not involved. I do not know if Rubin LSST is engaged in that program.
Dan Petrocelli Thu 2020-08-13 02:58PM
Looking at the member orgs for summer of code, I would say they are not, or not directly involved.
Dan Petrocelli Thu 2020-08-13 03:04PM
@Nino Cucchiara (he/him/his) Sorry Nino. I did not address your first question. Generally our workshops have been open to all, with LSSTC member institutions often receiving travel funds. Funding a local workshop would be a proposal best submitted to our Enabling Science Small Grants program. We are not resourced enough at this time to develop and manage multiple local workshops even at $50K. Although I believe none of our current members are HBCs or MSIs, we have a current program for membership in LSSTC that reduces the cost for any institution applying during this year.
Dan Petrocelli Thu 2020-08-13 03:06PM
Thanks all. Further questions (for which you would like a quick reply) can be directed to me via email (I'm a slack newbie and don't check it often):
Nino Cucchiara (he/him/his) Thu 2020-08-13 03:19PM
Thanks a lot
KBriamonte Thu 2020-08-13 05:01PM
@Chuck Claver Hi Chuck, who was in your breakout group?
Ranpal (she/her/hers) Fri 2020-08-14 05:00PM
The recording of the live session is here: