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NOAO and LSST hosted a workshop on the LSST cadence during the week of August 11 - 14, 2014, in Phoenix, AZ, in conjunction with the larger LSST Project and Community Workshop.

This meeting was the first in a series of workshops aimed at optimizing the ultimate LSST observing cadence.  In this inaugural workshop, our focus was on deriving merit functions that quantify the performance of model LSST cadences for specific science areas.  The format included plenary sessions to provide background and context for the LSST cadence problem, and an introduction to the software tools and recipes for developing LSST cadence merit functions.  The majority of the workshop was spent in moderated discussion sessions centered on cadence performance for:

    - Static LSST science (including Dark Energy, galaxies, and stellar populations topics)

    - Transient and variable science (including astrometric science, fast transients, supernovae, other slow variables and transients, and moving objects)

    - "Mini" LSST surveys (including the area of the Magellanic Clouds, the Galactic Bulge, and the Galactic Plane)

    - Novel strategies for optimizing the main LSST survey