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"If anyone has placed or is going place TR's for PCW that have any personal travel associated with their trip I am asking that this you book your own travel. I would request that before the TR is approved that an email be sent to me with the price of business airfare as apposed to business/personal airfare. I am getting too many of these requests and I do not have the bandwidth for them at this time. Also, if you plan on bringing family members to Tucson I request that I only book the attendees travel."



For those being reimbursed with LSST/AURA funds, all travel to the LSST2019 Project and Community Workshop in Tucson, AZ must be pre-approved and entered into the AURA Reqless System. The LSST Travel webpage may be found here: https://project.lsst.org/travel-home. Click the "Travel Request" button and then the “Reqless” button to submit a request. Before requesting travel, familiarize yourself with LSST/AURA Policies and Procedures and the set of instructions below that applies to you.

When filling out your travel request, please make sure your estimated costs are as follows:

Hotel: $115.00 plus tax, X amount of nights (depending on your need)
Per Diem: $61.00/ day
Taxi/ Shuttle: $100.00 roundtrip from Tucson International Airport
Airfare and Personal Mileage: Depending on your personal location

In general, please estimate a little higher than needed and always round up.

For those of you bringing your family and would like a larger room other than the $115/night rate will allow, you are welcome to book a higher rate. You will be responsible for the difference in the room rates and for the $25/night, plus tax, resort fee which is already included in our block rate of $115/night. Which means you will only be reimbursed the $115/night plus tax.

Once the travel request has been approved, the traveler shall coordinate their travel plans with the Travel Administrator, Erin Carlson.

Flight & Ground Transportation

Tucson (TUS) – LSST has negotiated exclusive ground transportation with a local service.  Approx travel to hotel, 40 minutes.

Rentals, Uber, Lyft, taxi, etc...- unallowable for this meeting only. 

Arriving Phoenix (PHX) – Manager approval only. Approx travel to hotel, two hours.

Ground transportation will be direct billed to LSST and will not result in expense reimbursement to the traveler. 

All final confirmations (flights, hotel confirmations, ground transportation) will be emailed to you by the Travel Administrator the week of July 30th/ August 6th.

Local Meeting Attendees

If you would like to be reimbursed for local mileage (from your home institution to the hotel only), please be sure to follow the guidelines above to submit a Travel Request. 

If you have any other questions please contact your subsystem manager or the Travel Administrator.

Instructions for claiming reimbursement