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Presenter Information

General guidelines for session organizers:

  • Please review your session description and make any changes to the abstract. You should be able to edit the abstract if you were the one who proposed the session. If you do not have edit access, contact RMcKercher at lsst dot org.
  • You are encouraged to add into the abstract a line like, “Please contact [your name] (your email) if you would like to contribute…” or other relevant information about participating in your session.
  • Please add the agenda for your session directly below the session abstract.
  • Session organizers are encouraged to plan for at least 50% of the time for discussion.
  • Breakout session organizers are responsible for presenting, or designating a representative to present, 1 slide in 1 minute during the Breakout Reports session on Friday 16th. Instructions will be provided on where to upload this slide. Consider assigning a scribe for your session to capture important points so that you are free to facilitate the discussion.
  • If you have a twitter handle, please feel free to provide it in your abstract.

Logistical points:

  • Each room will be allocated a Bluejeans number, which you are free to use when meeting in that room. If you choose to use bluejeans, you will be responsible for monitoring the chat and resolving any technical issues that might arise during the session. You will also need to check the capabilities of your laptop microphone and speakers. If you decide to change rooms, you will need to let remote participants know because the BJ number for the other room with be different.
  • You will need to have your own laptop and video dongle.
  • All slides presented in the session are required to be uploaded in advance (whether or not a BlueJeans connection will be offered) to the conference website by clicking "Upload slides" in your session. This requirement is made to improve accessibility to information and facilitate discussion. Documentation from the session, and/or a copy of the summary slide for the Breakout Report, can also be uploaded for posterity.
  • Flip charts, markers and post-its will be available in all meeting rooms.
  • Slides should be created in widescreen 16:9 format for the plenary room and standard 4:3 format for breakouts. This powerpoint template (16:9) (4:3) may be used or these ones on google (16:9) (4:3).  Presenters are encouraged to use color palettes and fonts that are suitable for color blind and dyslexic participants.

How to upload slides:

  • Presenters should upload their slides to the page linked to the session in the block agenda.
  • In the “Upload slides” section at the bottom of the session page, please enter the agenda item in the “Subject” block and then browse and upload your file.
  • Be sure to click SAVE.
  • Please upload your presentation before the session so that those connecting by Bluejeans can follow the presentation.
  • Breakout reports: The Friday plenary will be dedicated to reporting on the breakouts. Please nominate a person to create 1 slide and to be prepared to give a summary 1 minute talk. The slide will go into this google slide deck that already contains a blank slide per session in the order in which the session took place during the week.