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Solar System Science Pipeline Infrastructure and Cadence Optimization Needs

This session will consist of updates from Project personnel about current development of the Moving Object Processing System (MOPS) for LSST, and discussion between Project personnel and interested scientists about upcoming development of MOPS and other survey-related activities. Specific topics to be discussed will include planned data products relevant to solar system science and their release timelines, integration with LSST alert systems, future follow-up observation management, potential approaches for maximizing discoveries of fast-moving near-Earth objects and active objects, and additional development needs related to cadence optimization efforts and yield studies. Please contact session organizer Henry Hsieh [hhsieh AT psi DOT edu] with questions, suggestions, or to contribute content to this session.


Solar System Processing (Mario Jurić, Siegfried Eggl)

Solar System Metrics and Cadence Issues (Lynne Jones)



Henry Hsieh
Tuesday 08/13
Time Block: 
1:30pm - 3:00pm
Presidio I


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