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Safety at the LSST Summit and Base Facility Sites

Our presentation will address three main topics. These three topics are linked to Safety's work in the Base Facility and Summit Site sites.
• Who we are: A brief account of who the members of the safety team are, their environment and the motivations they have in their careers.
• LPM18 Safety Policy and LPM 114 LSST Safety Plan, An explanation of how we have integrated these documents into the daily activities of the LSST sites, these two documents are considered the basis of our safety management.
• What to expect from safety in Chile; A review of the expectations and the management design that we have developed for the people who work and work with us in the LSST site and in Chile.

Giovanni Corvetto
Thursday 08/15
Time Block: 
11:00am - 12:30pm
Agave Ballroom