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Preparing to Do Solar System Science with LSST

This session will consist of discussion among scientists interested in solar system research about making necessary preparations for doing solar system science with LSST data. Specific topics of discussion will include identification of analysis needs that will not be addressed by the baseline LSST or MOPS pipelines but are of interest to broad portions of the solar system community, planning to address those needs with the appropriate level of automation needed to cope with the LSST data stream, specification of key data products and means for accessing them that will be needed to facilitate the use of LSST data by as many interested solar system scientists as possible, and plans for a solar system alert system and possible framework for prioritizing and performing follow-up observations. Please contact session organizer Henry Hsieh [hhsieh AT psi DOT edu] with questions, suggestions, or to contribute content to this session.


Difference Imaging (Mario Jurić)

SSSC Science Preparations Overview (Henry Hsieh)

Science Update (Siegfried Eggl)



Henry Hsieh
Tuesday 08/13
Time Block: 
11:00am - 12:30pm
Presidio I