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Management Forum Part 1 (by invitation)

The first breakout session is designed to deepen attendees understanding of the complexity and interrelationships that characterize the Integration and Test Phase, understand the role of culture in an organization and appreciate how leaders embed and transmit it, and recognize the circumstances and actions that led to instances of “exceptional collaboration”

The second breakout is designed to include both cohorts of the management program and to combined understanding of the state of the project. The focus will be on boundary spanning, a “Big 5” strategy session, and next steps.

Attendees:Chris Montgomery, Mike Pennotti, Pamela Burke, Leanne Guy, Jacques Sebag, Doug Neill, Andrew Serio, Kevin Reil, Yusra AlSayyad, Andy Clements, Dave Mills, Austin Roberts, Giovanni Corvetto, Carol Chirino, Eduardo Serrano, Ardis Herrold, Michael Reuter, Iain Goodenow, Ranpal Gill, Amanda Bauer, Sandrine Thomas, John Swinbank, Steve Kahn,Chuck Gessner, William Gressler, Vincent Riot, Wil O'Mullane, Chuck Claver, Victor Krabbendam, Daniel Calabrese

Chris Montgomery
Monday 08/12
Time Block: 
9:00am - 10:30am
Presidio I