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LSST Observing Strategy: Status and Planning Session

The project team has been busy flexing the scheduler to create new simulations based on guidelines from the SAC (and based on the Survey Strategy Whitepapers submitted last November). We will present some of the early results of this process, with several new simulations including rolling cadence simulations. We will talk about the plan for further survey strategy work up to the early 2020 deadline to pass these survey strategy evaluations over to the SCOC (the “Survey Cadence Optimization Committee”, a community-based committee set up by the LSST Operations Director). The process of working through the various ‘families’ of survey strategies is an iterative one with necessary intermediate feedback from the science community. While this process will have begun by August and has a strong online component, we will also use this opportunity to have face-to-face discussion as well.

Please contact lynnej@uw.edu if you would like to contribute to this session. 


Planned Agenda: 

  • survey simulation plans and release of analysis write ups
    • timeline for rest of simulation work and handoff to SCOC
    • updated baseline description
      • basic characteristics 
      • description of new scheduler behavior (blob, greedy, scripted) compared to old behavior
    • Deep Drilling changes



Lynne Jones
Wednesday 08/14
Time Block: 
11:00am - 12:30pm
Joshua Tree