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LSST DM Stack Club

This session will provide a hands-on opportunity for scientists to learn more about the work of the LSST DM Stack Club. The Stack Club, an on-going bi-weekly zoom meeting, has been taking place for about a year now. The goal of Stack Club is to facilitate learning the LSST processing software (the "LSST Software Stack") by working through community-built tutorial Jupyter notebooks, and then by extending those to do the things of use to the participant. All tutorial notebooks are built using the LSST Science Platform. This session will start with a quick introduction to the LSST Science Platform and Software Stack, and then take a guided tour of the tutorials we've got, demonstrating several of them in action. This would be followed up by breaking up into groups, to work through tutorials with the guidance of experienced Stack Club members and DM experts. Scientists and students with no previous experience with the Stack are encouraged to attend. Please contact Greg Madejski [madejski AT slac DOT stanford DOT edu] if you would like to contribute a tutorial or if you have any questions.

Greg Madejski
Wednesday 08/14
Time Block: 
1:30pm - 3:00pm
White Dove


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