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LSST Corporation: Investing in Discovery


The mandate of the Large Synoptic Survey Corporation (LSSTC) is to maximize the scientific output from LSST with investment in the research community.  Indeed, as first light and full operations approach, LSSTC is ramping up its support for LSST science.  Jeno Sokoloski, LSST Corporation's Director for Science, will review highlights from a year of activities the Corporation has funded, and describe our very ambitious plans for helping the community tackle the scientific, software, and statistical challenges associated with LSST during the next few years. You can directly benefit from these programs, with researchers from LSSTC member institutions guiding how funds are allocated and receiving the highest level of benefits.

After a brief talk by LSST Corporation's Director for Science, this session will consist of an informal, hour-long workshop.

The intent of this workshop is to help groups of participants create Online Funding Inquiries (OFIs) for LSST-related research or programs to be submitted to the Templeton Foundation. As a service to workshop attendees, LSSTC's development team will submit and track OFIs on investigators' behalf.  The Templeton Foundation’s vision is based on “… invest(ing) in bold ideas from contrarian thinkers — ideas that cross disciplinary boundaries and challenge conventional assumptions."

They fund, ...innovative programs that engage the public with these ideas, in an effort to open minds, deepen understanding, and inspire curiosity.”  Two funding categories are available: grants below $237,000 (approximately €211,000), and grants above that threshold. Previously funded projects in the large category tend to fall in the $1 million to $2 million range.  LSSTC is not affiliated with the Templeton Foundation, and this call for OFIs is an open call.

For teams whose PIs are from LSSTC member institutions, LSSTC's development team will help you write the full proposal if your team is invited to submit such a proposal as a result of your OFI.

Recommendations for Attendees:

Come prepared with ideas big and small!  If possible, organize or join a team prior to the workshop.
Contact Jeno Sokoloski, Director for Science at LSSTC at
jeno@lsst.org or Daniel Petrocelli, Senior Director of Development LSSTC at dpetrocelli@lsst.org before the workshop for additional guidance.

Jennifer Sokoloski
Tuesday 08/13
Time Block: 
3:30 - 5:00pm
Coronado I