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How to Write Good Requirements

It's never too soon to learn how to write good requirements! Let's meet and discuss the importance of writing good requirements, guidelines for writing good requirements, and then break into groups and take a stab at it ourselves. 

This will be an interactive session. 1/2 Presentation & 1/2 Workshop 

Part 1: Presentation 
- Why is it important to write a good requirement?
- Simple guidelines for writing good requirements 
- Examples of good and bad requirements, and discussion on what makes a requirement "good" vs "bad". 

Part 2: Workshop: 

- I will circulate use cases to groups of 3-4 people, and ask them to spend maximum 10 minutes to write a set of no more than 10 technical requirements  

- Then we will spend the rest of the workshop to compare and score the requirements and discuss which ones are well-written and why, and which ones could use some more word-smithing and why.    

Andrew Serio
Wednesday 08/14
Time Block: 
1:30pm - 3:00pm
Presidio II