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Difference Image Analysis 4: DIA Object and Associated Data Products

How do DIA Sources become DIA Objects? What DIA information will be available on 60-second, 24-hour, and yearly timescales, and how is the community planning on using it? What are the driving science use cases of the Prompt Data Products? There will be a particular focus on lightcurves. Lightcurves are at the heart of time-domain analysis, but there is no currently defined nominal data model for a lightcurve. Are there common lightcurve data objects that serve wide audiences, or are there different needs for transients and variables? Community members will present example analysis lightcurve models and features from different science cases and the Project will present the current thinking. This session will very likely result in suggestions for specific additional data access possibilities to support time-domain science in LSST.  

  • Eric Bellm (15 min):  Curent DPDD and Time Series Features
  • Melissa Graham (15 min): Detection Efficiencies
  • Rachel Street and Federica Bianco (10 min): TVS use cases
  • Tina Peters and Franz Bauer (10 min): AGN use cases
  • Rahul Biswas and Gautham Narayan (10 min): SN use cases
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Michael Wood-Vasey
Thursday 08/15
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3:30 - 5:00pm
Joshua Tree


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