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Difference Image Analysis 3: Alerts in Year One (and Beyond)

In the first year of operations, LSST will not have full deep templates across the sky, and image subtraction without an Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector (differential chromatic refraction) means that we have to think carefully about constructing templates from images at different airmasses. The Project has already done leading investigations into understanding and modeling differential chromatic refraction. The Project will present plans providing reliable transient alerts during the first season of operations and solicit community feedback on optimization from a broad science perspective. A Project+Community discussion about optimizing science through tradeoffs of purity, sensitivity, and robustness will help develop a well-understood plan and work toward a shared understanding between Project and the Community.

  • Melissa Graham (15 min):  Options and Current Plans.
  • Break into 5-6 person groups to have discussions about key questions about their planned science goals.
  • Come back and discuss.

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Michael Wood-Vasey
Thursday 08/15
Time Block: 
11:00am - 12:30pm
Joshua Tree