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Difference Image Analysis 2: Resolved or Moving Variables & Transients

From strong lensing systems, to light echoes of historical supernovae, to streaking NEOs, what are special challenges with resolved variables and transients? This session discuss technical challenge in subtractions and characterization for variable and transient objects that are resolved in a single image.  There will also be discussion of the benefits and complications of combining multiple images at the pixel level, with or without shifting, may yield additional sensitivity to new science. The Project will discuss current plans for characterization of such sources.  Such sources will be relatively rare and diverse.  If there is not a single "right way" to characterize each different type of case, what can the main DIA pipeline produce that allows them to be identified?  Do the current planned shape and trailing characterizations for DIA allow for identification of interesting objects for further study. The Community will present science cases and technical implementations from previous surveys. An outcome of this session will be (1) an improved understanding by attendees of what LSST will provide and (2) a list of opportunities for more sophisticated analyses undertaken by the Community, with some brainstorming of the feasibility of eventually incorporating such algorithms or data products into Operations.

  • Naoki Yasuda (15 min): HSC Supernova Survey
  • Ian Sullivan (15 min): DCR
  • Mario Juric (15 min):  Solar System
  • Gautham Narayan (15 min): Light Echoes
  • Phil Marshall (15 min): Strong Lenses

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Michael Wood-Vasey
Tuesday 08/13
Time Block: 
3:30 - 5:00pm
Joshua Tree


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