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Difference Image Analysis 1: Basics, Techniques, Validation

How will Difference Image Analysis (DIA) work in LSST? This session will provide a brief overview of LSST DIA, technical pixel-level discussions of state-of-the-art image subtraction, selection of reference templates, and plans for testing and separation of real astrophysical events from artifacts.  The Project will discuss current testing and validation plans. The Community will present lessons learned from previous and current surveys. An outcome of this session will be a list of specific testing requests and suggestions from the community.

  • Robert Lupton (15 min): Image Subtraction Theory
  • Yusra AlSayyad (15 min): Image Subtraction in LSST
  • Meredith Rawls (15 min): Alert Processing, Testing, and Development
  • Bruno Sanchez (10 min): DIA+ML
  • Shu Liu (10 min): Thinking in Fourier Space

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Michael Wood-Vasey
Tuesday 08/13
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11:00am - 12:30pm
Joshua Tree


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