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CANCELLED - IT NetDevOps in Chile & Infrastructure-Aware TCS/OCS

This session will present the current interconnection and orchestration approach in Chile for blending networks, physical servers, virtual machines, containers and the cloud together using tools such as APIs, Python, Puppet, Kubernetes, plus the challenges faced in the way to provide visibility, accountability and security. 

Plus information and brainstorming with the intent to showcase to the interested parties (mainly TS) the opportunities and challenges of implementing an infrastructure aware control system leveraging the automation capabilities from the IT infrastructure being implemented for LSST in Chile. This approach can materialize as an additional control/monitoring layer in the TCS/OCS architecture for automating actions such as physical server/networks provisioning and replacement, security incidents, reporting and automated incident responses with bots, dead-man switches, automated throughput shapping upon link failures between sites, etc..

If you would like to contribute please contact Luis Corral at lcorral@lsst.org


Luis Corral
Thursday 08/15
Time Block: 
3:30 - 5:00pm
Presidio II