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Bringing the Alert Stream to the Public

A unique strength of LSST is its potential for reporting real-time discoveries to the public. The EPO team is currently considering needs and narrowing options for displaying and reporting these discoveries to the public.  In this session, we will lead a discussion on the most effective way to present the alert stream to the public to highlight both the efforts of the scientific community and the unique strengths of the telescope itself. 
In general, the sheer quantity of expected alerts means that it’s crucial to define what should be presented and in what form. Forms we are considering include interactive visuals on the webpage, integrating the alert stream into a more comprehensive sky viewer, and the potential use of mobile specific functionality. Issues on which we need your input are broad ranging but include topics such as:
  • How do we make the alerts visually compelling?
  • How quickly can objects be classified?
  • What do we anticipate some of the most common or most exciting alerts to be?
  • How can we use the alert stream to communicate the new rates of discovery?

The scientific community will be vital in filtering the alert stream and finding the most exciting discoveries so we are eager to incorporate current expectations of the broader community into our plans. 

Lauren Corlies
Wednesday 08/14
Time Block: 
1:30pm - 3:00pm
Agave Ballroom