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Advances on an Alert Followup System

A significant amount of effort is being put into developing systems and software to allow more efficient followup of large transient surveys (e.g. Catalina, Pan-STARRS, ZTF, and especially LSST) and multi-messenger astronomy (MMA).  This session will provide an update on these efforts and provide a forum for feedback and discussion.  The components include event brokers, observation managers, automated observing systems, and data pipelines.  We will also provide a status report on the Zwicky Transient Facility (ZTF) which is issuing transient alerts from its community survey in the LSST format. This offers a valuable opportunity to carry out immediate science in the LSST model. We will present a funding opportunity to build new Target Observation Managers (TOMs) and use them to observe ZTF and other transient alerts with the Astronomical Event Observatory Network (AEON, including NOAO, SOAR, Las Cumbres Observatory, and Gemini Observatory). Other issues such as coordinating observations and time allocation options will be discussed.  If there is time we will provide hands-on practice with the TOM Toolkit.

Please contact Bryan Miller (bmiller@gemini.edu) if you would like to contribute or if you would like to connect to the session using Bluejeans.,

Bryan Miller
Tuesday 08/13
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1:30pm - 3:00pm
Presidio II


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