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Focal Plane Signatures & Removal

This session will focus on some less well known & studied instrument signatures, with discussion between Camera and DM on the details of these effects. Useful outcomes include: update to plans for laboratory images, assessment of needed algorithms and calibration data to correct, wider dissemination of the existence of these effects.


  1. Introduction (A. Roodman) [5+5 min]
  2. Deferred Charge & Serial Traps (A. Snyder) [10+5 min]
  3. Spatial Variations in QE, Correlated Noise (Y. Utsumi) [10+5 min]
  4. Dust Spots (E. Charles) [10+5 min]
  5. Astrometric Shifts (A. Bradshaw) [10+5 min]
  6. Gain & Thermal Stability (AR) [5+3 min]
  7. DM Needs & Thoughts (A. Plazas) [10+5 min]
  8. Communication processes for any new effects, actions (S. Ritz) [5 min]


Aaron Roodman & Steve Ritz
Tuesday 08/13
Time Block: 
3:30 - 5:00pm
Presidio I


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