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LSST Project Communication & Culture Survey 2019

BlueJeans Recordings of Plenaries are available now.

8:12: Failed to record

8/13: https://bluejeans.com/s/Fferf/

8/14: https://bluejeans.com/s/hCvrB/

8/15: https://bluejeans.com/s/qLdWl/

8/16: https://bluejeans.com/s/KrWZ2/ Failed to screenshare first half

The daily plenary sessions will be broadcast through BlueJeans and the chat window will be monitored for questions.   (This link will connect you directly to the plenaries on BlueJeans: 127 963 983)  
There may be Bluejeans connections for the breakouts as well — but no guarantee; please check this BlueJeans page for details.  
See the agenda page for links to detailed session agendas, which will include links to slides.

These are exciting times across the LSST Project as we continue to integrate and verify hardware and software systems, and test results start to come in. Thus, LSST 2019 marks a critical time for face-to-face interactions as the entire LSST Community prepares for Science.

Difference Image Analysis (DIA) Parallel Workshop

A key theme of LSST's mission is exploring the changing sky. During this parallel workshop at the 2019 LSST PCW we will engage the broad community in how they will translate that vision to new scientific discovery. From technical discussions of image subtraction, the nature of alerts+brokers, to object classification and the community expectations of the planned LSST data products, this workshop will engage the community across a spectrum of technical and scientific interests. Starts Tuesday!

LSSTC Program for Undergraduate Researchers

For the second time at the Project & Community Workshop, we will be hosting undergraduates working on LSST-related summer research projects. Students will describe their work in a special poster session, participate in special tutorials and activities, attend the LSST2019 plenary sessions, and interact with scientists, engineers and educators for career advising. For questions regarding the Summer Intern Program, more information and contacts will be added soon.

LSST2019 Block Schedule

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