Sky tiling, field overlaps, and instrument rotations

Tuesday 08/15
1:30pm - 3:00pm

The combination of pointing locations and instrument rotations will dicate the FOV-scale structure of the LSST's sky coverage. The focal plane CCD layout is not a space-filling shape. I propose a two hour discussion to explore the impacts of different sky tiling and field overlap alternatives, with the specific goal of establishing an appropriate suite of metrics. 


  1. Intro and Overview- C. Stubbs 15 min
  2. MAF Tools for Assessing Coverage, Overlaps and Rotations- P. Yoachim 10 min
  3. Comments on Dithers and Rotations - S. Ridgway  10 min
  4. Discussion. 



Christopher Stubbs
Suggested Audience: 
interested folks from both the project team members and science community