Milky Way and Microlensing Science

Tuesday 08/15
3:30 - 5:00pm

Breakout session to discuss deep drilling fields and/or a mini-survey of the Galactic Plane and Bulge region, to maximize the LSST science return from these regions in particular. Includes (but not limited to): microlensing, Galactic structure and the ISM, and variable stars. The overall goal of the session is to form a working team around the proposal to write a White Paper by the end of 2017. In addition to outlining the science motivations for this paper, we will form groups to conduct simulations and develop improved metrics in order to evaluate alternative DDF/minisurvey designs with respect to the science goals, and explore synergies with complementary and contemporaneous surveys such as WFIRST and Gaia.

Session Outline

Session Scribe: Stephen Ridgway

3:30 - 3:40pm R. A. Street Welcome and Introduction

3:40 - 4:00pm W. Clarkson Review of science drivers

4:00 - 4:10pm G. Pastorelli LSST - TRILEGAL Simulations

4:10 - 4:30pm N. Rattenbury Review of minisurvey strategies to serve science goals

4:30 - 4:45pm M. Lund/D. Ciardi Metrics

4:45 - 4:50pm C. Stubbs LSST Scheduler Simulations and Microlensing

4:45 - 5:00pm R. A. Street Discussion & White Paper planning


Remote participation

Please connect through BlueJeans, meeting number 182050302.


Rachel Street
Suggested Audience: 
All scientists with an interest in the topics