DDFs and mini-surveys

Tuesday 08/15
1:30pm - 3:00pm

This is a session on special strategy requirements leading from the Deep-Drilling Fields (DDFs) and Minisurveys (the current basic mini-survey regions are the Northern Ecliptic Spur, Galactic Plane, and South Celestial Cap). As progress is made on figures of merit to scientifically evaluate simulated candidate observing strategies, a wider range of simulated strategies is now needed particularly for these special regions of the survey. This will allow proper exploration of the schedule trade-offs associated with the DDFs and Minisurveys, and to fully explore the scientific feasibility of the many investigations they will enable. The main aim of this session is therefore to inform and provoke members of the community to develop OpSIM proposals for candidate observing strategies for the DDFs and Mini-survey regions.

  • 1:30 ( 10 mins ) -- Introduction (Will Clarkson)
  • 1:40 ( 30 mins ) -- Special Programs (Melissa Graham)
    • Deep Drilling Fields: Policies, plans and opportunities
    • Special Programs, the DM system, and the end user
  • 2:10 ( 30 mins ) -- Minisurveys:
    • The Galactic Plane (Will Clarkson)
    • The Magellanic Clouds and South Celestial Cap (Knut Olsen)
    • The Northern Ecliptic Spur (Lynne Jones)
  • 2:40 (10 mins) -- Asking useful questions: OpSIM grammar and science strategies (Lynne Jones)
  • 2:50 (10 mins) -- Additional discussion, schedule buffer
Clarkson & Gizis