Data Products for the Solar System

Thursday 08/17
11:00am - 12:30pm
Aster 2

What data products will the project generate for moving objects (Solar System objects) and how specifically will these be generated? The DPDD lists a set of data products for moving objects but the details for generating some of these parameters are uncertain. The project will fit orbits for all objects, but using what software and what parameters? Will the project ingest orbits calculated by other groups? How will H/G1/G2 be calculated? Will RMS values on H be calculated? Will users be able to generate expected magnitudes at a given time? Will users be able to do forced photometry and/or low SN photometry along the path of an object? What measurements will be taken to estimate deviation from a stellar PSF? Will/how will trail fitting be done?  When will all these data products be available, and to who? Will simulated data be available before commissioning / during / after? How can we understand survey biases and selection effects? 


Lynne Jones
Suggested Audience: 
Solar System Science Collaboration, Data management, Simulations,