Dark Matter Science with LSST

Wednesday 08/16
1:30pm - 3:00pm

Originally called the "Dark Matter Telescope", LSST will enable field revolutionizing studies of numerous probes of dark matter.  This session will build on the groundwork laid in a recent Dark Energy Science Collaboration Hack Day, that began collecting and exploring the potential impact of LSST in dark matter science. See http://ls.st/wqv for a summary table of probes that span from the Milky Way neighborhood to cosmological distances.  With a look ahead at an LSSTC funded, follow-up workshop to take place in late 2017/early 2018, this session will examine the outcomes of the recent hack day and aims to attract a broader set of science community members in the next steps to prepare for dark matter science with LSST.


Pre-meeting References



  • Introductory Remarks and Summary of DESC Effort; Will Dawson (10 min)
  • Strong Lensing Constraints on Dark Matter; Nicola Napolitano (10 min)
  • Milky and Local Volume Constraints on Dark Matter; Keith Bechtol (10 min)
  • Transients/Variable Constraints on Dark Matter; Will Dawson (10 min)
  • Discussion (50 minutes)
    • Are there any probes not currently identified?
    • How should the dark matter effort be organized? For example, should it be rolled into the Dark Energy Science Collaboration, its own collaboration, or just a loose network.
    • Identify areas of complementarity between various dark matter probes and other existing/planned LSST efforts.
    • Discuss plans for a dark matter science report
    • Identify possible means of support
    • etc.
W Dawson