Communication Coordination

Tuesday 08/15
1:30pm - 3:00pm
Aster 1

In this working session, the communication teams from (at least) SLAC, IN2P3, and the LSSTPO will meet to coordinate events for the next year and beyond.  We'll review the top level milestones for the project, decide which events will be publicized, by whom, and how.  In describing how our teams currently work individually, we'll look for way to collaborate and leverage our efforts.

In addition, the draft LSST Strategic Plan for Communications will be discussed.  This work in progress documents communications goals for LSST during construction and into operations for our many audiences which include:  internal workforce, stakeholders (funding agencies), general public, institutional members and international contributors, and the media.  

SLAC Communications Presentation

IN2P3 Communications Presentation

LSST Communication Coordination

Suzanne Jacoby
Suggested Audience: 
EPO and Communications people, project leadership, NSF/DOE representatives