Commissioning Planning: FY2018

Monday 08/14
1:30pm - 3:00pm

This will be a working session to develop and communicate the work needed in FY2018 to prepare for and support LSST commissioning.  Preparations for LSST Commissioning will experience a significant ramp up in FY2018 including:

  • A CD-2 like review towards the end of calendar 2017 - this will include 2 meetings:
    • ​a technically oriented review of the commissioning plan
    • a programmatically oriented review of the schedule, budgets and resource loading with basis of estimates
  • Detailing Commissining Plan activities to include:
    • Defined entry and exit criteria
    • Internal steps and procedures needed by each activity
    • Allocated verification events to each activity
    • Hazard analysis and critical procedure (e.g lifts) identification
  • Visualization and analysis tool development
  • Simulations of key commissioning activities and procedures
Chuck Claver
Suggested Audience: 
Commissioning Team Personnel and other interested parties