Camera Monitoring & Diagnostic Cluster

Tuesday 08/15
1:30pm - 3:00pm

The Camera includes a Diagnostic Cluster, located at the summit, to monitor the Camera's operation & performance. In addition to monitoring the Camera's performance per-se, the Diagnostic Cluster will also be able to monitor basic characteristics of the images & observing conditions.  At this session, the Camera team will present its baseline plans for the Diagnostic Cluster monitoring and we propose that the session be used to coordinate these plans with both DM and Telescope team members.   A primary goal for the session would be to have agreement on the scope of  Diagnostic Cluster monitoring using the images themselves.   Another goal is to collect ideas for additional monitoring that would be appropriate for the Camera Diagnostic Cluster. We hope that this discussion will be also be relevant for Commissioning & Operation planning. 


Draft Agenda:

1) Tony Johnson: Camera Data Analysis using Diagnostic Cluster on Summit

2) Aaron Roodman: Examples from DECam

3) Discussion

Tony Johnson & Aaron Roodman
Suggested Audience: 
LSST members interested in Camera monitoring & realtime monitoring at the summit