Auxiliary Telescope Integration Planning

Tuesday 08/15
3:30 - 5:00pm

This breakout aims to coordinate the integration of the Auxiliary Telescope, specifically the spectrograph instrument that uses an LSST sensor and corner raft readout electronics. Discussion topics will include defining outstanding interfaces, updates on timelines, detailing of required testing, and path forward to the handoff to commissioning. 

The current agenda is as follows, where the time limits indicate the amount of presentation time:

  1. A summary of the software integration activities/pathfinders and their schedule - (12 min) - Gregory Dubois-Felsmann
  2. A summary of the Auxiliary Telescope (and Spectrograph) Integration activities and schedule (10 min) - Patrick Ingraham
  3. An overview of how DM reduction/analysis software intends to interact with telemetry and the DM Header Service - (15 min) - Robert Lupton 
  4. A presentation of the DM header service design, it's interaction with the EFD, and it's service to with users/software. (15 minutes) - Felipe Menanteau 
Patrick Ingraham
Suggested Audience: 
People involved in the Auxiliary Telescope, AT Instrumentation, and AT Data handling