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All LSST supported travel must be pre-approved by the appropriate subsystem manager and subsequently arranged and coordinated by the LSST Travel Administrator, Erin Carlson,

For those being reimbursed by LSST, all air travel into Tucson and/or Phoenix must be coordinated by Erin Carlson, Travel Administrator.  Erin will work to schedule in and outbound flights in groupings to coordinate airport shuttle to the Westin La Paloma.  Erin Carlson may be reached via email at: for questions and assistance.

Tucson (TUS) – LSST has contracted a deeply discounted rate and negotiated ground transportation terms with AZ Stagecoach.  AZ Stagecoach is providing our attendees with $29 one way and $50 round trip rates.  Additionally, our travelers grouped in shuttles of four or more will have direct service from the airport to hotel and back again.  Therefore, we will look to book many travelers round trip. 

Arriving Tucson (TUS) - Reservations will be provided to AZ Stagecoach as a group manifest created by the Travel Administrator.  Once you have claimed your luggage make your way to the AZ Stagecoach counter.  Provide your name and the group name: LSST.  You and those traveling around the same time will be checked in and placed on the next group shuttle.  Your wait time will not exceed 30 minutes. 

Departing the Westin La Paloma for the Tucson airport (TUS) your information will be provided to AZ Stagecoach by group manifest.  Please confirm your departure information with LSST registration desk and for further instructions. 

Arriving Phoenix (PHX) – Since Phoenix is approximately 2 hours from Tucson, LSST has determined the best transportation option is to car share.  LSST will assist travelers arriving into PHX with a rental car though Enterprise or National.  LSST will make every attempt, whenever possible, to pair multiple passengers into a vehicle or car-share.  If you are able to suggest flights based on in and out bound travel with colleagues in advance please let the Travel Administrator know.

Whether taking AZ Stagecoach or the Phoenix rental car option both will be direct billed to LSST and will not result in expense reimbursement to the traveler. 

If you have any questions please contact your subsystem manager or the Travel Administrator.