Ground Transportation

The KITSAP Conference Center is located in Bremerton, across the bay from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. There are a number of convenient, inexpensive options for transportation between the conference center and airport. Car rental should be unnecessary and will not be reimbursed, unless prior approval has been obtained.

Metro & Ferry

ST Light Rail is easily accessible from Seattle-Tacoma Airport, and takes you to Pioneer Square where you can board the Seattle-Bremerton Ferry. The ferry delivers you mere steps from the Convention Center.  The Light Rail cost is $2.75 per ride

This route from the Airport via Ferry from Seattle downtown to Bremerton takes 2h 17m and runs every 90 minutes; the last ferry departs at 10:30 pm.

The Ferry ride from Seattle to Bremerton costs $8 and it takes one hour in one direction. The return trip is included in the price of $8, no need to purchase an additional ticket on the return from Bremerton to Seattle.

Bremerton-Kitsap Airporter Shuttle

The Airporter picks up and drops off passengers in the parking lot outside of Door 00 at the south end of the Baggage Claim level. You can check in with your service at the Airporter Check-In Counter near Door 00 on the Baggage Claim level. Rates to/from the airport are $22.75 each way per passenger. There is a 10% discount for a round trip ticket. The shuttle is available from 4am to midnight. 

This route takes 1h 30m and runs every hour.
Note: No reservations are accepted on rides from SeaTac airport. For information call (360) 876-1737  


One-way rates to/from the airport to the Bremerton hotels via taxi can range from $100-$200 or more. This is not a recommended form of transportation and will be reimbursed *only* up to $35, the cost of the Airporter fare plus a cab to Kitsap.

For Bremerton Transporation, especially from the Baymont Hotel to Kitsap, one of the following taxi companies may be used. 

Per Federal regulations one round trip per day is reimbursable.  (Exceptions require prior management approval.)

  • Jess Express - (360) 990-0218
  • Royal Taxi - (360) 377-8294
  • Viking Cab Co. - (360) 244-4420
  • Jean's Taxi - (360) 286-9462
  • Harborside Taxi - (360) 633-8681