Reimbursement Policy

Travel reimbursement requires pre-approval.

In short, any attendee expecting travel reimbursement from the LSST Project Office (LSSTPO) must receive approval prior to travel. All requests for approval and reimbursement must be done online using the Travel Page on the LSSTPO website.

Travel Policies and Procedures will be strictly enforced.

Reminder: LSST-funded travelers should NOT make their own flight arrangements. Once the travel request has been approved, the traveler should coordinate their travel plans with the Travel Administrator, Laurie Thomas. The Travel Administrator will make flight arrangements for travelers being reimbursed with LSST funds. Travelers will have the opportunity to provide final agreement to arrangements made on their behalf. Contact Laurie at (520) 318-8558 or email.

Additional costs reimbursed from LSSTPO:

Hotel Costs: There are three venue hotels. The LSST rate for this meeting is good three days prior and three days post (these days would not be reimbursed by LSSTPO).

ALL attendees are responisble for making their own hotel reservations

Registration must be made by July 24th .   

Mileage Reimbursement: For local attendees, daily mileage reimbursement may be claimed at the rate of $0.575 per mile.

Ground Transportation: LSSTPO will reimburse for round-trip travel between the airport and hotel.  Rental cars require pre-approval and would cost about $300/week (compact size).  A cab is impractical and expensive.  Bremerton-Kitsap Airporter Shuttle operates shared-ride van service for arriving flights providing the most cost efficient method for traveling to the resort. Reservations may be made at: Link Light Rail is easily accessible from Seattle-Tacoma Airport, and takes you to Pioneer Square where you can board the Seattle-Bremerton Ferry.

Meals: LSSTPO will provide breakfast and lunch Monday-Saturday. There will be an hors d'oevres reception Wednesday evening. The remaining dinners are on your own.  Dinner costs will not be reimbursed in excess of the per diem rate of $36. Nearby restaurants and dining venues within walking distance may be found on the LSST2015 website.

Please Note: Because the setting is so lovely, families would be welcome (although LSSTPO only pays attendee’s costs).