Astronomy Slam

Speakers and Topics
7:00-8:30 p.m.
Five 12-minute stories by world renowned astronomers at each of the following locations:
Pacific Planetarium
Host: Arthur Bogard, The Pacific Planetarium
Phil Marshall, Stanford University, “Weighing the Milky Way”
Charlie Hoes, Hoes Engineering, Inc., “Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind”
Rahul Biswas, University of Washington, “Understanding the Expanding Universe”
Justine Haupt, Brookhaven National Laboratory, “Human Interactions at a Public Observatory”
Tim Spuck, National Radio Astronomy Observatory, “Astronomy EPO and STEM Education: The Perfect Couple”
Collective Visions Gallery
Host:  Susan Digby, Olympic College
Steve Kahn, LSST, “How I Got Into LSST”
Dominique Boutigny, CNRS (France) and Stanford University, “When Astronomy Meets Particle Physics”
Marcelle Soares-Santos, Fermi National Accelerator Lab, “Night Crawlers”
Steve Pompea, National Optical Astronomy Observatory, “The Search for the Blackest Black”
Michael Strauss, Princeton University, "Romance in the Milky Way: How I met the love of my life in the Chilean Andes"
Kitsap Historical Museum
Host: Jeanine Greco, Kitsap Historical Museum
Chris Stubbs, Harvard University, "How we discovered the accelerating expansion of the Universe. Oops..."
Nate Lust, Princeton University, “Pluto: The End is Just the Beginning”
Tina Peters, Drexel University, TBD
Scott Daniel, University of Washington, “"Radars Are For Chumps: Measuring the Distance to the Sun with Stone Knives and Bearskins"
Chris Walter, Duke University, TBD
The Toro Lounge
Host: Riley Abel, Western Washington University
Lori White, Science/Science Fiction Author, “LSST for Beginners”
Peter Yoachim, University of Washington, “Astronomical Adventures in West Texas: The Day the Telescope Got Shot”
Tony Tyson, LSST, "The Faint Universe: How a Thunderstorm and a Lab Accident Led to LSST"
Frossie Economou, LSST, “Cosmic Hangovers”
Anže Slosar, Brookhaven National Laboratory, "What Was There Before and Why an Infinitely Old Universe Doesn't Make Any Sense"
Bremerton Bar & Grill
Host: Jeff Coughlin, SETI Institute, “The Kepler Mission and ExoPlanets”
Beth Willman, University of Arizona/LSST, “Coming of Age in a Male-Dominated Field: My Ninja Summer”
Chris Lintott, University of Oxford, “The World’s Most Dedicated Astronomer”
Robert Lupton, Princeton University, “Finding the Brightest Black Holes Out at the Edge of the Universe”
Connie Rockosi, UC Santa Cruz and Lick Observatory, "How Measuring Proper Motions Became Cool Again"
Steve Ridgway, National Optical Astronomy Observatory, “The Observatory at Midnight: UFOs, Phobias, and Ghosts”
Sponsored by Olympic College and its Foundation along with the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope


Many (see link for details)
Suggested Audience: 
Open to the public
Time Block: 
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm