Meeting Summary

This is the second conference in the series. The first, very successful, LSST@Europe conference was held in Cambridge, UK in September 2013. This meeting enabled close interaction between the LSST personnel and European scientists interested in LSST.

Since that meeting, many countries and institutions in Europe have formalised their involvement in LSST. We aim to bring together European scientists with an interest in LSST and to provide to them an opportunity to interact with leaders of LSST Project and LSST Science Collaborations, and among themselves.

The main objectives of the 2016 meeting are to:

  • discuss and further develop LSST science cases
  • discuss various modifications of LSST baseline observing strategy
  • provide an update on the status of the LSST Project and LSST Science Collaborations
  • further develop the network of European scientists involved in various aspects of LSST
  • provide an update on LSST Data Management Level 1 and Level 2 data products
  • discuss the European potential for the development of LSST Level 3 data products and tools
  • develop concepts to allow funding of European LSST activities via responses to EU H2020  and other European calls.
  • via LSST Science Collaboration parallel sessions, promote increased European scientist  engagement in LSST

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