Ground Transportation

Mileage Reimbursement: For local attendees, who have been pre-approved for travel reimbursement and choose not to stay at the resort, daily mileage reimbursement may be claimed at the rate of $0.50 per mile. 

Ground Transportation from Tucson International Airport:  Arizona Stagecoach operates shared-ride van service for each arriving flight, providing the most cost efficient method for traveling to the resort. Arizona Stagecoach has a ticket counter inside Tucson International Airport. Reservations may be made at:

Rates quoted on 5/12 are as follows:

Roundtrip (with taxes)

  • For one person is: $144
  • For two people: $164
  • For three people: $184
  • For four people: $204

To get the group rates, you must name the people in your group at the time of the reservation. 

Rental cars would cost about $300/week (compact size).  A cab is similarly impractical and expensive.

For those project team members who have been pre-approved for travel reimbursement,  LSST will reimburse actual costs up to $144 for round-trip travel from the airport to the resort. 

Ground Transportation from Phoenix:  Some participants may prefer to fly into Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.  Arizona Shuttle provides round-trip shuttle service between Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport and Tucson for $39 each way. They make 18 trips daily with three designated drop-off and pick-up locations in Tucson. The location nearest to the Ritz Carlton is at 5051 West Ina Road. From that location, additional arrangements can be made with Arizona Shuttle for drop-off to and pick-up from the Ritz Carlton for an additional fee of $32.

Visit to view schedule and fare information. Reservations can be made online, however drop-off/pick-up at the Ritz Carlton can only be reserved by calling Arizona Shuttle directly at 1-800-888-2749.
Call Arizona Shuttle at (800) 888-2749 to make a reservation