April 10-11, 2014


  1. Determine if the safety actions and strategy of the LSST Project Office are effective and adequate for the project at this time on the project schedule.
  2. Review the Dome system process and determine if the Telescope and Site subsystem has satisfactorily incorporated the Hazard Analysis and other safety managment processes.

Safety Council Review Report


Steward Observatory Room N550
Time Topic Speaker
1:00  Welcome, Project Update, Meeting V. Krabbendam
1:30  Project Office Safety Progress C. Gessner
2:15 Camera Status F. O'Neill
2:45 Hazard Analysis Improvements & Modifications C. Gessner
3:00 Break  
3:15 The Dome Project from Preliminary Design to Operation W. Gressler
3:30 Dome Baseline Design D. Neill
4:30 Dome Hazard Analysis Discussion J. Sebag
5:00 Executive Session Safety Council
6:30 Dinner and Debrief  
Time Topic Speaker
8:00 Continental Breakfast  
8:30 Clarifications; Questions & Answers C. Gessner
8:45 Safety in the Procurement Process W. Gressler
9:45 Contractor Selection Method: Bid Evaluation Scoring Guide / Safety Audit  W. Gressler / J. Sebag
10:30 Break  
10:45 Contractor Safety Expectations & On-Site Requirements C. Gessner
11:00 Clarifications; Questions & Answers C. Gessner
11:30 Executive Session Safety Council
12:30 Debrief  
1:15 Adjourn  

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