AHM Soccer Tournament Details

AHM Soccer Tournament Details

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Here is the current plan for the 3 v 3 from Jeff Kantor: We will use the Kick It 3v3 Rules (attached) with a few modifications due to practical limitations:


We have the Brisa lawn at the Ritz-Carlton (46 yards long, 26 yards wide) and can use cleats, subject to damage not being too bad, which we will assess with the hotel daily. It is a bit narrower than regulations, but we can make do. I will attempt to secure small (8' x 4') goals, but worst case we will have some sort of verticals and a string across the top. I will ask permission to mark the field, but worst case we will use cones.


Games will be two 12-minute halves with a 5 minute halftime.


Though the roster can have up to 6 and as few as 2 can play, I suggest a minimum of 4 on the roster to allow at least one substitute. It is hot in Tucson, even at 7am. I will have water at the game. If we have some teams with many players and others with few, I reserve the right to re-balance the teams before we start. If you are forming a team on your own, pick a team name and t-shirt color, designate a captain, and send the team roster to Jeff Kantor NLT August 5.


I will not have kits, so please coordinate with your team to have the same color t-shirts with you and also bring a white t-shirt. Numbers and names on shirts are optional. Shin guards WILL be required. Hard turf (short) cleats are recommended. Long cleats are likely to cause too much damage and are strongly discouraged. Tennis shoes are permitted (but good luck playing in them!)


Unless we get a volunteer, we will have to go honor system or have a team not playing supply a ref for other team games. I have referee equipment.


We have Tuesday - Thursday 6a - 7:30a available. If we have 3 teams, each team will play other teams once on Tuesday and again on Wednesday, and and there will be a final on Thursday between the best two. If we have 4 or more teams, each team will play other teams once on Tuesday and Wednesday, and we will have a final and a 3rd place match on Thursday.


I will attempt to secure one, and there will be at least a round of drinks on the house for the winners.

For questions contact Jeff: jkantor@lsst.org

Kick It 3v3 Rules

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